What does the next iot start-up look like?


150 million connected and communicating things in the Nordics by 2020. Our world is increasingly embedded with sensors, connectivity, cloud services, big data, software and apps. Various needs, opportunities and challenges can be addressed in untraditional, innovative ways. With the Internet as an engine of innovation, new eco systems and business models come to life. Inspired by Telia Company’s existing Machine-to-Machine platform, explore and identify the next new Internet of Things start up opportunity.

Keywords: IoT , Machine-to-Machine, Start-up, Big Data, Explore, Development kit.

Branche: ICT, Information & Communication Technology, Telecommunication Technology

Data set: No – / Dataplatform: Yes

Focus Area

With a highly experienced specialist team, dedicated IoT infrastructure and services backed by 24/7 global support, Telia deliver end-to-end IoT solutions.

Our Expert Network of best-in-class industry and operator partners covers everything from IT consultancy to software development and security. Together we deliver cutting-edge IoT solutions with seamless quality.

40TInternet of Things (IoT) is booming in the Nordic countries. According to a new report by TeliaSonera and Arthur D. Little, the number of connected devices is up by 16% compared to last year. By 2020, there will be more than five connected devices per person totaling 150 million connected things in the Nordics. Digitalization and new IoT ecosystems, spearheaded by connected cars, are fuelling growth – and this is just the very beginning.


Telia invite innovative minds to explore and identify the next new Internet of Things start-up opportunity, by using our machine-to-machine (M2M) platform, network, knowledge, and development kit/API.

You will be provided with Telia’s existing product “M2M in a box” test kit, and get access to our data platform. We challenge you to think out-of-that box.

The solution should not necessarily be restricted by the current functionality, capabilities and design of this platform. Challenge us. It is allowed to assume that any design, type of sensor, input/output interface and data source is available, provided that this is elaborated in the solution description.

Use it in prototyping a proof-of-concept – Crash-test it: Re-define it, re-build it. Re-volutionize…

We prefer to keep our challenge quite open, but expect the solution to address aspects of how human life and/or society can be significantly improved. It is important to capture, elaborate and verify the essential user/customer value, as well as the intended role for Telia and our contribution to the eco system.


Suggested approach:

  • Ideas and Use Case selection, possibly Big Data aspects
  • Value Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Interview potential customers
  • Clarify Telia Company’s role and contribution to the eco system
  • Optional: Build backend prototype based on our M2M platform API

Some examples of areas of interest (for inspiration): Friends, family, kids, pets, hobbies, sports, health, healthcare, elderly, better living, feeling secure, home control, entertainment, games, events, sharing, communities, society, education, social infrastructure, transportation, tracking, logistics, Big Data, automation, manufacturing, agriculture, environment, displaced people (refugee crisis) etc.