Unveil the true potential of smart buildings


In the quest for inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities, we need buildings to be smart on our behalf – and we need to explore, how buildings can help us pursue a sustainable future.
We need you to help us unveil the true potential of the smart building so that we can spread this knowledge and make buildings everywhere smarter – starting with the pilot case of Aarhus Municipality. This is your chance to help a central municipal coordinator explore innovative solutions for making buildings and thereby cities smarter.
Unveil the true potential of smart buildings to contribute to more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities (Goals #11).

Keywords: IoT, Data Analysis, Sustainability, Pilot

Focus Area: KOMBIT is the municipal coordinator for purchasing new digital solutions – we help the 98 Danish municipalities combine their muscle and share their knowledge, when it comes to digital – and technological development.

We know the ins and outs of the municipal sector – especially when it comes to implementing new systems.

We want to bring this knowledge to use on another level, by trying to gather knowledge, remodel and implement new models, in order to make buildings – and thereby make municipalities – smarter and more sustainable.

Throughout the last years, Aarhus has been a frontrunner in collecting IoT-data through sensors, in order to make Aarhus one of the smartest cities on the planet.

The amount of data collected is vast and still growing, and so is the potential for these data to support a sustainable, eco-friendly and effective public sector.

We need to disclose this potential and form easy adaptable IoT-models, so that other municipalities (and everyone else) can learn and copy best practice for smarter and more sustainable buildings.

To make cities smart, we need the buildings to be smart. Smart buildings can give us valuable information needed, in order to make cities and societies more sustainable.

There is no denying that buildings play a central role in society. Therefore, we need to ensure that buildings support our ambitions for a sustainable future.
And we need you to help us find out how.

Challenge: With a large amount of IoT data from Aarhus in hand, we need creative thinkers and cunning analysts to crunch, rearrange and reassemble data in order to unleash the true potential of the smart building.

We would encourage you to address one or several of the following questions during Oi-X:

  • Can the data available be used aid design and construction of new buildings?
  • Can data analysis help us optimize the use of resources in buildings?
  • Can the data help us identify usage patterns and optimize the many different aspects of use for workers as well as visitors?
  • What else would be possible with other specific datasets?
  • Can we produce easy adaptable models for a sustainable building that could easily be transferred to other buildings, sectors/private homes, municipalities or even countries?
  • How do smart buildings contribute to making cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable?

Considerations: We have no theories that we want you to confirm or dismiss – we want you to use the wide range of opportunities that the UN World Sustainability Goals present.

If you are missing a certain set of data to meet your goals, we want to know, and we would also like your take on clever ways to collect them. We realize that it is more than ambitious to ask you to come up with a complete solution ready to implement in the short timeframe of this challenge. We are therefore open to continue developing your ideas after the Oi-X – and hope to do so in collaboration with you.

Link/access: organization/city-of-aarhus (we are collecting further data to compliment the open data)