Nordic Health Hackathon


Create the best digital solution that can help Nordic citizens to increase the quality of their life and you might be able to win the first prize and take stage on The High Teck summit 2019

Keywords: Increase quality of life, preventive health measures, digital patient facing solutions, Wellbeing, Wellness, Health, Prosperity,

Industry: Welfare

Focus area

Nordic Innovation vision for Nordic Health Hackathon challenge is:

We believe Nordic cooperation is key to maintain our position as global frontrunners and reach the vision that lays the foundation for this program:

In 2030, the Nordics will be the most sustainable and integrated health region in the world, providing the best possible personalized health care for all its citizens.

To reach this vision, health data will play a crucial role. Health data can be used to improve quality of life in the Nordic region and develop new solutions and business opportunities that can give Nordic companies a competitive advantage.

We have the a few action areas and Hackathons well relate to the following 2:

  • Healthy Cities. Through this action area, we aim to improve health and quality of life for Nordic citizens by creating a healthy supportive environment based on innovative solutions.
  • Bridging Nordic Data Initiative. The aim of the initiative is to find solutions on how to bridge Nordic health data and personal data for utilization in the Nordic health ecosystems.


We have many activities/initiatives that we are running in order to achieve this vision. The Hackathons are one of those activities we are conducting. With them we want to demonstrate the possibilities that are out there: the possibilities to increase the quality of life with new innovative solutions based on the use of data. We also hope that these hackathons will inspire bright minds in the Nordics to come up with new solutions addressing those issues. We also anticipate that some of those new solutions will create business opportunities and increased cooperation across the Nordic boarders that will lead to a stronger and more competitive Nordic businesses.

It would be good if the winners/speakers on High Tech Summit can briefly address those issues and tell the audience that these actions (and hopefully the Nordic cooperation) are of value for them and Nordic citizens.

The challenge

The aim with this challenge is to improve health and quality of life for Nordic citizens by creating a healthy supportive environment based on innovative patient facing digital solutions.

All open data sources can be used, as long as they are accessible for all participants. With the exception of your own personal data, which you can use if you like to.


We don´t want to have the challenge narrow, we like your imagination and fruitful mind to be able to create greatness.

Link / Access

Nordic Health Hackathon Website: nordichealthhackathon

Facebook group: Nordic Health Hackathon

Open access data:

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