How might we...?

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, public transport has lost more than a third of passengers. How might we turn this challenge into an opportunity to make public transport more attractive and usable for all?

The Goal!

is to create new opportunities for the public transport system to be at the core of a more sustainable and inclusive society of the future.



To play a crucial role in resdeigning society, the public transport system should be designed for all: Whether disabled or not, travelling with a bike or without – the list continues!


We are all about users and want to see validation through real life users. Test small, ambitions large: We want to see that you can imagine how to start building small, but also how big you can think.


We are running trains and believe that they are at the core of the sustainable journey. Therefore, the concepts must also have a connection to trains in some degree.


Sustainability is at the core of our vision. Show us how your concept makes a difference!


As Covid is hopefully coming to an end and the world opens up, we all feel the need to start exploring again and reconnect with people and places like we used to do before the pandemic. And wherever possible, even at a deeper level. Moreover, the current climate crisis forces us to rethink how we live and how we move.

Public transport therefore plays a crucial role in redesigning the society of tomorrow, a society focused on sustainability, community building, and waste reduction (of spaces, goods, resources) among others. For this challenge, we at DSB, Digital Labs invite DTU students to rethink how public transport can play a role in the society of tomorrow.

Some questions we are trying to answer already are: How can we educate the youngest generations about moving via public transport and reconnect with nature? How can we facilitate the disposal of industrial waste? as well as How can we make train stations a place that all people can enjoy more than today?

We’d love DTU students to use these questions as an inspiration and come up with new bold ideas to help us design the role of public transport of the Denmark of tomorrow – meaning a public transport system that is designed for all!

Download the Challenge Brief