Team #3 // Satellite Energy Solutions

Executive Summary

A total of €65bn was invested in 2018 on Europe level by the wind energy sector alone. To accurately facilitate auctions and examine business cases for the more than 420 wind turbines build that year, large amounts of data and analysis is needed. Using the Copernicus data set we aim to provide better forecasts of what production and electricity prices investors and other actors can expect. We will also provide a user-friendly platform to access and retrieve the data the customer needs in a user-friendly format, along with visualized data sets such as screening maps for wind speed or production.


The renewable energy industry has many actors and fast paced decision making. There is however no unified data hub with a consistent data set, which is needed for building models or business cases. Furthermore, small and medium scaled actors often rely on average prices or consultants to evaluate price forecasts and productions for their investments.

Target user / Customer

The customer segment we are targeting are wind project operators such as HOFOR and Ørsted, and government agencies such as Danish Energy agency. We are pursuing these types of customers as we have direct access to them in our network. Thus we can get feedback and use our network advantage to refine our solutions towards these actors and get our first customer from among these.

Your solution and how the concept is feasible

We will utilize COPERNICUS data to calculate future electricity prices using the energy model BALMOREL. We will also utilize technical data on specific wind turbines to predict production patterns for wind turbines in the future. Combine this with the electricity prices a coherent business case model can be build consistent for the entirety of Europe. We have furthermore been in contact with the HOFOR who invest and operate wind turbines and have shown interest in the solution, and wants to provide feedback throughout the development.

We have a working prototype ready at: copernicus/map.html


Four unique value propositions

  1. User-friendly wind & electricity price data access
  2. Improves concurrent electricity price estimation with price margins
  3. Electricity price & wind production forecasting – near and long term
  4. Consistent database for the entirety of Europe


The data and services will be used to create an online platform, with a subscription-based business model. Subscribing companies will be charged an annual fee depending on the company size. We plan to build our business model based on the business model Wind Europe utilizes.



We hope that our platform can aid in an efficient transition of the energy sector. Aiding companies with correct evaluations and analysis will lead to informed decision making on the green energy sector to the benefit of SDG 7 “affordable and clean energy”.


August A. Zachariae, Bsc. Environmental Engineering & Msc.stud Sustainable energy engineering. August will take responsibility for the energy price simulations and production forecasts.
He studies and works within the field of energy system simulation and feasibility analysis of energy projects. His skills are within price and energy system forecasting and insights from his work from the energy industry, working in the energy analysis team in HOFOR doing electricity price forecasting and business cases. August wants to take on a new challenge and prove we do it better.

Andreas Stokholm, Bsc. Electrical Engineering & Msc.stud Electrical Engineering specializing in Space Technology. Andreas will be the main responsible for working with the Copernicus data and setting up the screening mapping services.
He has been heavily immersed in big data Earth Observation processing & analysis with experience as a Student Assistant at the Danish National Space Institute, DTU Space. Creating value for society and helping reach the SDGs is a great motivator, specifically in terms of goals 13, Climate Change, and 7, Sustainable Energy.

Malte Hviid-Magnussen. Studying to get an Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science at Cphbusiness Lyngby. Malte will be the main responsible for building the online platform, both in concern to system development and front/back end development.
Maltes skills are in software programming: Java, JavaScript, React, and SQL. Malte is motivated by a chance to apply his skills in a real-world project and wanting to collaborate with his partners.

Group Members

August Axel Zachariae –

Andreas Rønne Stokholm –

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