Team #14 //

Executive Summary

Via insight in user-needs, found through surveying people in Lyngby, we identified a concern amongst youngsters about clarity in private economy. We want to remove their concerns by giving them an interactive digital platform which helps the young user establish an economic sustainable behavior.


What is the challenge that you are addressing?

Economic uncertainty in private users caused by:

  • Lack of knowledge and or overview about their finances.
  • Fear of over-consumption.
  • Lack of easy to use digital tool to stay on top of their economy.

Target user / Customer

Who are your targeted users and/or customers?

Youngsters acquiring their first debit card at age 7 and up, or anyone young of hart who wish to explore their everyday shopping through AR.

Your solution and how the concept is feasible

The product developed is an interactive experience using AR to facilitate an understanding of the user’s economic life and decisions.

  • User interacts with Augmented Reality avatars when shopping and checking account balance.
  • The experience utilizes gamification and 3D visualization to engage the user.
  • Product works on most modern smartphones and a working demo has been conceived.

Four unique value propositions

What maeks your solution/concept unique?

  1. We support a sustainable economic behavior through games, sub-goals, and rewards in AR universe (SDG 11).
  2. It teaches economy and helps to prioritize consumption in an intuitive and user oriented AR-design.
  3. It opens a constructive and open dialogue about economy between children and their parents, thereby giving both an increased conscience and providing parents security about the economic activities of their children.
  4. We want to ultimately build economic pride, comfort, and independence in users through an interactive game in AR-format from a young age.


What is your business model?

The app is used by kids but provided by their parents.
The app is financially supported by a subscription-based paid fee by the user.


What is the potential positive impact your solution/concept are creating? Link to the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable individual economy, economic conscience, independence, pride, safety. SDG goal 11.
Wealth. Pauses the consumer before a purchase and provides easy to understand impact on ones economy if buying.


Who is in your team and what are your skills and motivations?

To learn and try something new, improve our own project skills as well as meet new exciting people. We have with our project tried to contribute to a more economically sustainable future and we believe our product can be developed further to better integrate social and green sustainability.

  • Viktor Schwartzbach. Proces and innovation student. Skills: Design thinking, pitching.
  • Simone Dalvang: Design and innovation student. Skills: Process and method, design.
  • Henriette Binderup. Environmental engineering student. Skills: Structure, group dynamics.
  • Pernille Sletbjerg. Environmental engineering student. Skills: Product-oriented, follow-up.
  • August Andersen. AI and Data science student. Skills: Programming and prototyping.

Group Members

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