Registration for Oi-X

The official registration for Oi-X Impact Cities is open!

Sign up is free for all but please keep in mind that your registration is binding since we plan accordingly. In case you will not be able to join, please let us know at least (!) 24 hours before the event. You will be charged a no show fee of DKK 300 in case your reservation has not been cancelled with a 24-hour advance notice.

Sign-up at the right site or follow this link:

Oi-X Developer:

Sign-up as Oi-X developer if you would like to participate in the challenges, and get the chance to win prices and scholarships. Oi-X is for all students at higher educations. We strongly recommend to create teams across studylines and across universities. We have experienced that cross-disciplinary teams brings great value to the development process and advances the final result.

If you have already formed a group, we still would kindly ask you to register seperatly. You will be able to form exactly the group you wish to, on Friday of the Oi-X developer weekend. Here we will register your groups, and facilitate a session where you can find your team.

Your group must participate in parts of the developer weekend to register for the final.  

After the Oi-X developer weekend we will e-mail all of you a new register form – to sign-up your team and your idea to be presented at the ‘Oi-X Final’. .

Oi-X Sponsor & Mentor:

Sign up as Oi-X sponsor & advisor if you are already affiliated with Oi-X. If you would like to become a sponsor contact us.

Oi-X Spectator:

Sign-up as Oi-X spectator if you would like to take part in the Oi-X final. This is for both students and none-students. Be aware that if you as a student would like to sign-up your idea for pitching, you need to sign up as Oi-X developer. Oi-X spectators is for those that have not been part of the Oi-X developer weekend kick-off