Programme Oi-X

Oi-X consist of a key element namely the Developer Weekend, with intense team development in close collaboration with the challenge owners and mentors.

Deep dive

Lunch Info meeting & Meet-ups 





Pitch 3 min + 4 min question 



Continued collaboration with the companies


Oi-X Info Lunch

12:05-13:00 WED 09 OCT 2019

Lunch Info Meeting. Join us at the DTU Library in Lyngby. The challenge owners will present their challenges. Network. Hear the challenges and ask questions.


Oi-X Webinar -Deep Dive

17:00-18:30 WED 21 OCT 2019

Webinar. Deep dive into the challenge and unique insight into technological platforms, datasets etc available during the developer weekend. Sign-up as developer for Oi-X – and you will receive an invitation to the webinar. You can also choose to join us at DTU Skylab in the auditorium.


Oi-X Meet-up

17.00-20.00 WED 24 OCT 2019

Meet-up. Join us and get to know eachother over a drink and snacks in the student house at DTU (S-huset) we will provide you with a few team formation sessions, but mostly it is an unformal meet-up.


Oi-X Meet-up point

12:00-16:00 FRI 25 OCT 2019

Meeting point. A place for you to meet that do not have clases yet, you can go together to DTU Skylab. The Oi-X Facilitating team will meet you at DTU Skylab


Oi-X Developer Weekend

16:30 FRI 25 until  SUN 22.00 27 OCT 2919

The Oi-X Sprint & Developer Weekend will be full of exciting activities. The main focus for the weekend is for you to have a deep dive into the challenge and in teams collaborate on a solution. During the weekend you will have the possibility to get in dialogue with various set of experts from challenge mentors, expert domain mentors, and university mentors, process and team dynamic guidance mentors. All of which will provide you with all the support and sparring you need. During the weekend, you will experience inspirational talks and other great disruptions for you to boost your development. We will provide catering and refreshments. We will make sure this will be a memorable, exciting and fun weekend. If you have not formed teams before this Friday, don’t worry – we will start with a small session to facilitate this. A detailed program will be provided when you sign-up.

Deadline for Sign-up 18th of October


Oi-X Finals

WED 06 NOV 2019

All the ideas and projects from Oi-X will be presented on stage. A set of winners will be found and announced.
The team presentation consists of 3 min and 5 min questions from a panel of judges. Enjoy an inspirational speaker – while we wait in excitement for the results from the judges. We will of course serve drinks and a food snack. Great possibility for networking.


Oi-X Incubation

Continued collaboration with the Track Specific challenge owners using their incubation package possibilities. This could be nominations for specific incubator accelerator programs, monetary prizes at seperate track finals reward event. It could als be by continued sparring on your project, where you aim for a new start-up. It can also be via an internship or/and a MSc or Ba finals project. To get started on the next step you can always get sparring from DTU Skylab Oi-X facilitators or our many coaches.

DTU Skylab Sprint Kit

Download your own DTU Skylab Sprint Kit here