Investing with a purpose


Global capital markets are more accessible than ever before. As digital investment solutions have emerged, investors across the world are increasingly managing their own savings. But it is not easy to navigate the vast financial markets and investors lack the right tools to do so.

Especially not for the rapidly growing segment of retail investors who want their portfolios to reflect their views on sustainability and clean energy.

At Saxo Bank, we believe technology should bridge this gap and empower investors to make informed investment decisions that increase returns while making the world a better place.

Keywords: Impact investment, stock, global capital markets

Industry: Fintech

Focus area

When investors make the decision whether to invest in a certain company or not there are many tools available. And the investment universe is very large and Saxo Bank offers investors access to more than 18.000 stocks from exchanges around the world.

But most of the available tools focus on the company’s ability to make money for its shareholders. But in today’s markets there are also other factors that are increasingly important to investors. Divestment, Sustainable Development Goals, CSR, impact investing, local community and active ownership.

There are many terms and trends that all add to the same goal: for investors to help advance certain causes by investing in stocks that are pioneers within these areas. Tangible tools to help investors identify stocks based on e.g. the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have yet to be seen.

On the other hand, investors actually want to invest, but lack the inspiration and the ability to evaluate and find the companies who reflect their values and criteria.

Saxo Bank wants to change that.

The challenge

How can Saxo Bank make it easier and seamless for retail investors to use their investments to change the world for the better? And how can Saxo Bank support a new or existing platform to enable private investors to invest in companies or sectors that reflect their views?

The challenge we face is to match information and data on a specific cause or agenda with our stock universe. The platform for your tool is not important. It could be a web site, mobile app or any other platform you choose.

We would like you to focus on how to make it easier to find stocks that match one’s personal views. And not least to flag certain stocks and how to also market that tool. It is also an option to differentiate on the algorithm used to flag a certain stock.

Therefore, we would like your help with creating e.g. an app or a system that looks at the entire universe of stocks that Saxo Bank offers, and offer recommendations, filtering or screening based on sustainable factors.


Saxo Bank will provide access to our API and our SaxoTrader GO application where you can try out your investments. The API will allow you to access information about our stock universe and also the investment portfolio of users so you can look at exactly what a user has traded.

Saxo Bank also offers a financial news feed that allows a partner to subscribe to financial news related to select financial instruments. This news feed can also be used in your application to determine whether a certain stock complies with or violates your cause.