From smart meters to smart consumers & behavior


In the nearest future utility companies have to offer more than ”just” heating, water and electricity to win the loyalty from the customers. Proactive value added services, which emanate from data could be the next level of service in the utility industry.

Keywords: New Business Model Disruption, Consumers, Smart Metering, Big Data, Intelligent electricity, Intelligent heating and intelligent water.
Branche: Energy Utility

Data set: Yes

Focus Area

The Danish utility industry is to be disrupted by new market entrants. Today, the market for electricity and heating is liberalized. Then market for water is still monopolized. Our hypothesis is that the disruption will come from other industries than the utility companies and interest will not only be in the current utility portfolio but in the data portfolio. The utility industry has access to a variety of data, among others real time consumption data.

The common perception of utility is: ”I only think about it, when supply fails”. However, the expectations for convenient digital solutions are challenging the industry.

How does Forsyning Helsingør opt in to all these possibilities in a value creating way?


Our vision is to be the leading multi utility company in Denmark. We have just finished the implementation of 38.000 remotely read meters, which has given us access to unexploited consumption data (water, heating and electricity) and a unique opportunity to develop added value solutions to our customers.

Our strategy is to provide disruptive digital solutions to make everyday life more convenient for our customers.

Our challenge to you is:

How do we transform current consumer behavior into “smart” behavior?

Develop a solution based on our consumption data from the smart meters. The solution should create added value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders in a disruptive way. The solution also has to take into consideration how we can change the current consumer behavior into a ”smart” consumer behavior.

The target group of this challenge is the 62.000 inhabitants of the municipality of Helsingør. However the solution should be scalable to the Danish market.

An approach could be:

  • Develop a solution, which bundles energy consumption data with other categories of input in an overall “My home” concept.

Our hypothesis is, that a trend to come is, that a healthy house affects your health. Just as you take care of your health by going to the gym, you have to take care of your home. Based on our consumption data it could be possible to advice our customers about how their current ”energy” behavior affects the health of their house and their health.

Healthy house = healthy home = healthy you (change of behavior)


We are looking for a conceptual out-of-the-box thinking. There are no limits to your creativity. To be the leading multi-utility company in Denmark, we have to use unconventional solutions. For instance we are testing a side–by-side telepresence technology. A kind of augmented reality technology which gives you the feeling of being just next to the person, you are communicating with in a tele-dialog.

However, your thoughts should be realistic and bear in mind that we are a regulated company with limited resources. In general the focus of the utility industry is on daily operations. Few utility companies have a commercial mind set.


You will gain access to a sample of energy consumption data. With respect to consumer privacy it will not be possible to relate the data to individuals. Furthermore we have other data sources i.e. GIS , the company web platform and other customers solutions, which you will gain access to.

You will be invited to Elsinore, where you will meet us and gain access to data.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Business Developer Liv Molin,