How might we...?

rethink drink stalls at Roskilde Festival to enhance accessibility and inclusiveness

The Goal!

is to enable participants with disabilities to have quality experiences along with everyone else – because accessibility is quality and enjoyment of life, not just functionality.



A design that can improve the social and environmental sustainability of large cultural events for all.


A holistic design including all phases and values in the planning of accessibility at temporary drink stalls at larger cultural events: overviews of tenders, ordering, payment, pickup of orders, disposal of service etc.


A relatively simple design that can be easily packed, stored , reused and adapted to improve accessibility at other types of temporary festival stalls, e.g., food, trade.


The aim is to develop a prototype, that can be tested at Festivals. You will be able to apply for prototyping funds during the event.


It is estimated that about 30% of the population lives with a visible or invisible disability. Festival participants are young people, and we estimate that about 20% have some kind of disability (physical, mental, sensory ability).

Many of these participants feel excluded from drink stalls, finding it difficult or impossible to receive the same services such as ordering drinks at a festival as everyone else. This may be due to physical aspects (desk height, steps, gravel), but also due to noise, incomprehensible signage etc. Further, people with disabilities may find it difficult or impossible to work as volunteers inside the stall.

And this is why you can make a difference by participating in our challenge: By developing an idea and prototype that increases the accesibility and inclusiveness of drink stalls – either by building a new stall from scratch or improving existing stalls – that enable all festival visitors to have quality experiences at festivals!