Most frequent questions and answers

All students at Bachelor, Master or Ph.d level – from all educational institutions / universities – can apply. We’re also accepting graduates who finished their education less than a year ago. We have a limited amount of seats and will therefore choose between the incoming applications in case the number of applicants exceeds our capacity.

We aim to make a challenge, that brings together people from all fields of study and also from different countries. Therefore the Open Innovation CIRCULARITY challenge will be held in English.


At Open Innovation CIRCULARITY students across institutions and disciplines will, together, develop circular solutions in systems with an aim to rethink our creation, usage and disposal of products & services.

As a student, you can choose between 4 challenges within food, health manufacturing, design & retail, and urban systems.


You are very welcome to continue working on your idea at DTU Skylab/Actory/CSE, if you want to.


No, the event is free of charge.

No need to bring your own. There will be food and beverages for all teams during the challenge.

When an idea is created and presented at the challenge, everyone can subsequently use the idea.

Do you and/or your team want to work on the idea after the challenge is over?

We can help you move forward in the process.

Not at all. All solutions are welcome.

We will go through the applications on an ongoing basis and inform you as soon as possible.

We will get back to you on email and let you know if you are accepted.

We focus on having diverse and motivated teams – which we will be our focus in the selection process.

No, you don’t need any specific qualifications or experience to participate. We have a team of mentors and facilitators, who will support your team in the process.

Based on your interest & profile, you will be put in a team so you are guaranteed to meet students outside of your education institution. You will meet your team members at kick-off September 23rd. (It is possible to sign up with an existing team, more details in signup form.)


There will be 4-6 persons in each team.

You must be present for the entire challenge – the specific time table is released later – but the challenge will start Friday afternoon. Of course there will a lot of breaks as well.

We offer free bus transfer from the city center (København K) to DTU in Lyngby.