Digital solutions that will make none-customers interested in pension


“I will think of pension when the day has 25 hours”. This could be a typical remark from a young person.

As a pension company, we see that 32% of all individuals have an insufficient pension pot when they retire. The current demographic development in our society predicts that in the future individuals will have to supplement pension savings even more.

Focus Area

Experience tells us that students, foreigners and immigrants typically pay little or no attention to pension. This might be for cultural reasons or simply because they do not prioritise saving up for their retirement. Viewpoints like: “Pension is too complex”, “I will do it later”, or “There is no room for additional savings” could be arguments as to why they do not consider planning for retirement and pension savings.

Calculations clearly show that starting to save up just a small amount at a young age can make a difference.


We want to provide innovative digital solutions to help customers make important financial decisions easy. Pension is an important financial decision, that often gets neglected. As a pension company, we would like to win over non-pension customers which we have identified to be the following segments in Denmark: Students, foreigners and immigrants.

Develop a digital solution that will get non-pension customers or segments of these customers interested in pension savings and Danica Pension schemes.

The approach could be:

  • Develop an appealing simulator for non-customers that makes it possible for them to play with e.g. living age, savings, and consequences of various pension choices
  • Develop a digital solution that can recommend individualised pension schemes to one or more of the segments. The solution can be based on data such as education, future income, demographic development etc.
  • Develop a digital solution that sets focus on pension for non-customers in the context of a Corporate Responsibility initiative, meaning a solution that provides a non-profit service to one or more of the segments (MobilePay is an example of a non-profit service)

NB: The solution must relate to existing products and services from Danica. Please visit our homepage.


In general, the pension industry and pension products are digital and the trend is to move towards even more digital solutions.


Danica has invested in the digital area and offers several online products. Read more about the products at Danica’s homepage or download and try them out.




  • Provide an indicator for the current outlook of your pension needs
  • Read about pension savings models



  • Overview of returns, savings, contributions, insurances.
  • Make a pension check


Login for non-customers:
User-id: 9999
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Smartphones – iOS and Android


  • Overview of return, savings, contributions, insurances.

Login for non-customers:

User-id: 9999
Password: 9999

If you have any questions or need for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Senior Project Manager Bente Holm Gottlieb,