Team #11 // Diatom

Team #11 // Diatom Executive Summery A growing number of Danes want to support sustainable practices. At Diatom we want to leverage the large cash reserves sitting idle in the Danish bank account to change the world. By providing a liquid and simple investment platform, people can reinforce good corporate behavior and invest in the […]

Team #12 // BlueLoo

Team #12 // BlueLoo Executive Summary BlueLoo is a product service system promoting sanitation and micro-entrepreneurship in the Kenyan region Kisumu by adding value to sludge. Unlike other services in the area, the business revenue is generated through an extended value-chain with the civilians being providers of the sludge, ultimately adding value to local businesses […]

Team #13 // The Community Pees Project

Team #13 // The Community Pees Project Executive Summary No one should have to pay to pee – it’s that simple. Toilets cost money, however, and so in order to finance toilets for all, we introduce a community-run toilet-market. The toilets are a passive design that keeps costs (and smells) down via worms that process […]

Team #14 //

Team #14 // Executive Summary Via insight in user-needs, found through surveying people in Lyngby, we identified a concern amongst youngsters about clarity in private economy. We want to remove their concerns by giving them an interactive digital platform which helps the young user establish an economic sustainable behavior. Problem What is the challenge that […]

Team #11 // Budnip

Team #11 // Budnip Executive Summary Crop diseases and pests persist to be a major problem around the globe, causing huge losses to farmers, threatening food security and damaging agriculture/trade-dependent economies. It is estimated that crop pests and diseases account for up to 68% of the world-wide production tonnage loss in the 21st century (Oerke, […]

Team #19 // D-Tour

Team #19 // D-Tour Executive Summary Vitamin-D deficiency is a very unappreciated pandemic. Feeling any joint/muscle pain? Depressed? Fatigue? You are almost certain to have low vitamin-D levels. It is not without merit that it is considered the definitive parameter in determining societal general health. Our solution utilizes machine learning to encourage users to maintain/get […]

Team #2 // Rebel Maps

Team #2 // REBEL MAPS Executive Summary Theres is an extensive number of use-cases for the Copernicus satellite data of which only a small fraction is used for daily life applications. Rebel Maps want to change this by giving non-experts easy access to satellite based analytics, which they can integrate directly in their daily work. […]

Team #3 // Satellite Energy Solutions

Team #3 // Satellite Energy Solutions Executive Summary A total of €65bn was invested in 2018 on Europe level by the wind energy sector alone. To accurately facilitate auctions and examine business cases for the more than 420 wind turbines build that year, large amounts of data and analysis is needed. Using the Copernicus data […]

Team #06 //Njord Smart Fishing

Team #06 // Njord Smart Fishing Executive Summary Our developed concept is Njord Smart Fishing that delivers a platform to complement fishermen in their decision making, which helps to maximize their yield while minimizing the time wasted in searching for a good fishing spot. The platform is based on the processing of satellite data, fish […]

Team #10 // FARMSAT

Team #10 // FARMSAT Executive Summary Seaweed is the product of the future. It has the potential to address hunger, climate change, and water pollution simultaneously. We are leveraging the power of satellite data to support the development of seaweed farming. Our idea is to convert satellite data relevant for monitoring seaweed farms into actionable […]