Team #1 // ContainIt

Team #1 // ContainIt Executive Summery Kisumu is the fastest growing city in east Africa with an annual GDP growth of 9% in 2017 [1]. This growth puts a high demand on building infrastructure to support the vast amount of people from the country side moving to the city. Currently one of the main problems […]

Team #2 // BuildHub

Team #2 // BuildHub Executive Summary The construction sector is among the least digitized sector and has been slow to adopt technological solutions even though the long-term benefits are significant (McKinsey, 2016). There is a huge potential in using digitalisation as a means to achieve sustainability and address the UN SDGs. Our solution allows clients […]

Team #3 // TREEality

Team #3 // TREEality Executive Summary Responsible consumers and behavior are only possible if the consumer is actually aware of their financial situation. But in a world where we tend to google our problems away and we are becoming more and more individualistic banking is in need of a new platform to develop customer trust. […]

Team #4 // Tigi Taka

Team #4 // Tigi Taka EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya, is plagued with both sanitation and waste safety. There is over 67% waste disposal of fecal matter combined with 80% of total waste which is improperly disposed of. There is roughly 400 tonnes of waste produced per day. This hampers the […]

Team #5 // LiveSite

Team #5 // LiveSite Executive Summery 80% of construction projects are over budget, do not respect the initial deadlines, and suffer from quality issues. Decades of IT innovation have not solve this problem because the industry has failed to adopt them into its practices. The aim of our solution is to overcome these problems by […]

Team #6 // What a waste ?

Team #6 // What a waste ? Executive Summery Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city with more than half of the population living in informal settlements deals with unemployment, high poverty rate and unsafe waste management. A prolonged and self sustainable proposal is need of the hour.From our extensive research on Kisumu’s informal settlement, it is […]

Team #7 // EcoHome

Team #7 // EcoHome Executive Summery We conceptualized an interactive application that shows the users their resource consumption compared to their neighbors’ and advises easy changes to reduce waste. This visualization creates a measured awareness of the wasted resources, and leads to a sustainable behavioral change and reducing expenses. Accomplishing a big community impact by […]

Team #8 // Rage Against the waste

Team #8 // Rage Against the waste Executive Summery Faeces sludge is not being managed properly due to high gate fees for the wastewater treatment plant and due to their low operating capacity. As a result, faecal matter is piling up in the city of KIsumu and the lake and is causing health problems whilst […]

Team #9 // MTTR

Team #9 // MTTR Executive Summary MTTR is a holistic solution that reduces material waste and time delays on construction sites by tracking key materials during the construction process. Through the app, the contractor has a better overview of materials management, which reduces costs and increases work efficiency. The solution is provided in collaboration with […]

Team #10 // Im-POOP-ment for the Better

Team #10 // Im-POOP-ment for the Better Executive Summery The proposed Piga Pick-Up (Swahili for Poop) mobile application is a unique solution to a problem that has been plaguing the city of Kisumu, Kenya for years. In this community, truck drivers tasked with delivering fecal sludge take advantage of an unmonitored system to discard this […]