Easy translate – uber for translation

EasyTranslate is the Uber for translation, collaborating with more than four thousand linguists and providing language solutions that facilitate interpretation of over 60 million words annually. Being passionate about language and aiming to provide the services of the best and most dedicated specialists in the translation industry, EasyTranslate has since 2010 become the fastest growing communication agency in Northern Europe with offices in London, Paris, Oslo, Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdan, Zürich, Vienna, and this summer set up headquarters in a large new harbour front office space in Copenhagen.

Enhanced user experience with learning hearing devices

The fitting of a hearing aids is the result of a dialogue between the user and the audiologist. Today users must learn how to use their hearing device. Furthermore, they need to remember and describe situations where it helped and where it could have helped more to be able to. Now, imagine re-inventing the experience and let the hearing aid collect sound scene descriptions and user ratings. Design the optimal user experience for teaching the hearing aid what the user needs in different situations and the dashboard for the audiologist to utilize this information in enhanced fitting procedure!