Track: ROCHE

Self-Diagnostics – Home Sampling and Monitoring  This challenge is part of The Digital Health Boot Camp – find it and join here: LINK Presents Home sampling and monitoring technology is transforming healthcare, let us together investigate this opportunity for patients undergoing immunosuppressive treatment to prevent pneumonia and hospitalization. It empowers the patient by letting them take […]

Track: MOVIA

A low-cost Hard-tech Traffic Information Solution Presents Around 200 million trips are taken on Movia’s buses every year. With about 1,400 buses and 14,000 stops, Movia makes up a large part of the streetscape and has its place in the public transport and in our consciousness in Copenhagen, Zealand and Lolland-Falster. At Movia Public Transport […]

Track: HelloScience

HelloScience & Novozymes Presents HelloScience invites and challenges you to be part of a journey where your investigation of the tiniest living  microorganismes to global market trends can bring sustainable solutions to the table for humans, animals and theplanet.  The HelloScience challenge starts in the earth itself, around 50 billions microbes can be found in […]

Track: Danish Cancer Society

Innovative use of health Data for Preventive Action on Cancer This challenged is part of The Digital Health Boot Camp – find it and join here LINK    Presents Would you like to be part of the Danish Cancer Society digitalization journey and be part of a small data health revolution that will save lives, continue reading.      […]