Track: Copernicus Hackathon

Copernicus Hackathon Presents Optimize shipping routes to reduce CO2-emissions and particle pollution. Plan the most efficient routes for land transportation to promote a greener road transport system. Ensure the stability of railway infrastructure to promote security for an increasing number of rail passengers. These are some of the green mobility applications which Copernicus satellite data […]

Track: TAPAS Hyper-Precision

Using hyber-precision for addressing societal challenges Presents How will the ability to obtain an accurate position of a few centimeters throughout a city affect services, products and business models and basically the way our cities function? Let us hear your ideas on how accurate and dynamic positioning data from the TAPAS platform can play a […]

Track: Nordic Health Hackathon

Nordic Health Hackathon Presents Create the best digital solution that can help Nordic citizens to increase the quality of their life and you might be able to win the first prize and take stage on The High Teck summit 2019 Keywords: Increase quality of life, preventive health measures, digital patient facing solutions, Wellbeing, Wellness, Health, […]