DTU Skylab invites you to join our open innovation sprint. This collaborative innovation approach allows you to go on a team expedition, navigating the un-known and by an explorative and iterative creative development process bring new concepts and solutions to life. The challenge briefs given from our partners and sponsors are broad enough to allow your creativity to go unhindered and with in-built constraints to push and kick-start your process.

The sprint always starts Friday afternoon, where the teams are created and a deep dive into the challenge briefs are given. Saturday and Sunday you let the creative expedition start in your teams with sparring from our 30+ invited expert mentors and process mentors. We bring you a minimum of interruption but just enough for you to get inspired and to boost your development; you will be handed a ‘Skylab sprint kit’ containing a few necessities for your journey. You will finalize Sunday with a video pitch of your solution, which is used to select the teams that will be invited as runner-up to the Oi-X Finals and get the chance to win the monetary prizes of 80.000 dkk and the possibilities of activating the incubation packages for further development.

Oi-X Green Mobility invites 200+ developers and are open to all: Students from higher educations, Researchers, Start-ups, Corporates.

Our challenge track partners give the challenge briefs. Two of these are existing communities and organizations that run hackathons; Nordic Health Hackathon will focus on personal transport from a-b on a day-to-day basis connected to a health perspective and Copernicus Hackathon will bring their research and science platform for satellite data and hereby be enabling a technology platform for infrastructure related perspectives on green mobility.The last track with the TAPAS Precision Positioning platform and community brings in a ready to use technology, which can be used in the other two tracks; they are looking into new application areas also supporting the infrastructure for green mobility.

Dates Oi-X Sprint weekend: 25-27th of October. Oi-X Finals: 6th of November.


Oi-X Green Mobility

The challenges are provided by (Find all challenges here) Nordic Health Hackathon (Nordic Innovation & Dattaca Labs) Copernicus Hackathon TAPAS Precision Monitoring



  • Oi-X Info Lunch & Webinar: 09. October 2019 Oi-X
  • Developer Weekend: 25-27 October 2019
  • Oi-X Finals: 06. November 2019

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Coming themes: Oi-X Human (Spring 2020)

  1. HelloScience (Grundfos & Novozymes)
  2. Open call
  3. Open call
  4. Open call

Oi-X Food (Fall 2020)

  1. Global Compact / Gastronomy
  2. Open call
  3. Open call
  4. Open call

Oi-X Leaving No One Behind (Spring 2021)

Powed by a collaboration between BEVICA FONDEN & DTU Read about the project here.

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