Open Innovation X (Oi-X) is a sponsor-based initiative at DTU aimed at all students interested in working on challenges provided by industry. Get involved and trial your developer skills in collaboration with Danish companies – to strengthen your education and career. Monetary prizes are rewarded to the best ideas and teams. Furthermore, particular promising projects can be rewarded a scholarship. Afterwards you have the opportunity to start-up your own business or continue in a venture with the company.

Oi-X Green Mobility

The challenges are provided by (Find all challenges here)

  1. DSV
  2. Nordic Innovation / Dattaca Labs
  3. Copernicus Hackathon
  4. To be announced

Last semester: Oi-X Impact Cities
DTU Skylab have packed Oi-X with great people for you to get in depth-sparring from; mentors from three private companies, a Danish authority, an NGO, a consultancy group, academic researchers, educators, coaches and many more.

The challenges are provided by: (Find all challenges here)

Join us if your heart beats for development. Open Innovation X 2019 Spring has the theme IMPACT CITIES. Take part of the Oi-X Developer Weekend sprint and work with societal and technological challenges creating ‘’Sustainable Cities and Communities”. Get experience with open development in cross-disciplinary teams and in close collaboration with mentors and experts. 

Why should you join this year? 
”The community, the narrative of the weekend, and the opportunity to work on a case that actually matters – your solutions can really become something!” [Oi-X Developer // Rasmus]
These were the words from Rasmus who participated last semester, describing his best takeaways from the weekend – and he’s right, the solutions you develop during Oi-X can make an impact. Rasmus and his team took their solution all the way to the Venture Cup finals after the Developer Weekend, and we are excited to follow their next steps. 


  • Oi-X Info Lunch: 09. October 2019
  • Oi-X Developer Weekend: 25-27 October 2019   
  • Oi-X Finals: 06. November 2019

Join Oi-X this year, and let’s make a change!


Oi-X by DTU Skylab